Learn To Curl 2022/23
Our PG&CC Curling Programs & Leagues

Programs & League Information

Day Ladies Curling League

Day Ladies team play takes place on Monday mornings and afternoons. The league convenors prepare the teams for each draw, player position is determined by a curler’s skill and ability.  9am practice/10am-12pm league play/1pm-3pm league play

This league also offers a Thursday tag draw. In this format, you are put on a team when you arrive, you play with different women each week and have an opportunity to try different positions. It’s a great opportunity to mix with a variety of teammates.  This is the perfect league for novice curlers and the more experienced.  

Evening Ladies Curling 

The Evening Ladies Curling Section is an active and dynamic group of female curlers who enjoy camaraderie and share a love for the sport of curling.  This league plays on Tuesday evenings.   The mission of the section is to create a positive and supportive environment that fosters friendship, enjoyment and sportsmanship while working to improve our curling ability.   We welcome experienced and new curlers.  Members apply on an individual basis and are then placed on a team with every attempt to balance the teams.  Players are assigned a playing position (lead, 2nd, vice or skip) based on their skill level and indicated preference.  6:00pm

Monday Night Men's Curling

Members can sign up as a team or individual and placed on a team. We have room for 16 teams on the Monday evening with draw times. In the event, that there are more teams registered, extra ice time is available on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm.

Section Fee for the 2022/23 season are used as prize money to be paid out at the Christmas break and at the end of the playoffs.  5:30pm & 8:00pm league play

Please contact Brian Patterson at or 705-761-4941 for any other league questions.

Senior Men's Curling League

Each year approximately 70-75 Sr. Men (age 50+) join our Section.

We have “tag” draws during the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays which are well attended.  Tuesday - 9am practice/10am-noon play/1pm-3pm play
                   Thursday - 9:30am-11:30am 2 sheets

In addition, we are members of the Kawartha Sr. Men’s League. This league organizes “Interclub” events where each member hosts 3 teams from each of the other Clubs for a 1-draw match. The League keeps track of the results and declares a winner each year.

The League also schedules Bonspiels where each member “hosts” a 2-draw bonspiel at their club.

Perhaps the best part of our league are the friendships made and the camaraderie.

Learn To Curl Program - Wednesdays 5:15pm

This introductory program is back!  This highly subscribed section trains “new to the game” curlers or those looking for a refresher.  OCA trained volunteer coaches instruct members on the mechanics, skills and strategies of this favourite winter sport.  By the end of the program, our participants will successfully and competently enjoy fun competition of the ice and the fellowship that follows.  This program includes some equipment, off-ice sessions, on-ice instruction and game play.  This program will be available Wednesday evenings, prior to Novice League play. 

Novice Leagu 

If you’re looking for a fun, casual curling experience then you should definitely check out the Novice League. 
We are a group of about 40 curlers who get together each Wednesday evening and share the love of the game. 
The league is based on a tag system. You simply show up and we assign you to a team. We try to do our best to keep friends and couples together. 
No need for you to organize spares. If you don’t show up, your name doesn’t get assigned to a team. It’s that simple.
There’s room for all levels of curlers in this league. In fact, that’s what makes the Novice League so enjoyable.  You have the chance to play with different people and different skill levels.  7:15pm-9:15pm

PLEASE NOTE:  At this time, our Novice Curling section is now Full.  If you wish to be placed on our waiting list, please indicate this when registering for curling.

Open Competitive League

The Open League has a single draw on Thursday night. This league provides a competitive curling environment for teams that wish to play at a high level. The league is “team entry” and is open to women’s, men’s, and mixed teams.  5:30pm

Friday Social Curling

Friday Social Curling promotes the enjoyment of friendships through curling and socializing afterwards.  Novice to experienced curlers can join as individuals or teams. All are welcome. Should membership numbers allow the 2022/2023 season proposes to have 4 start times: 2 start times for the afternoon draws and 2 start times for the evening draws. Early Draw 1:00pm & 3:15pm/Late Draw 5:45pm & 8:00pm
At PGCC, curling rocks on Fridays all winter long!