The 2024 "Junior & Divots" Memberships Are Now Open!

At Peterborough Golf and Country Club, we value our Junior Members and strive to make their golfing experiences unforgettable.  Our professional golf staff can provide the fundamental skills all juniors will need to establish to become the best young golfers they can be.

The PG&CC Juniors will have access to lessons from our teaching professionals.

Participate in "Junior & Divots" summer camps

 Play in the Juniors Open & the Parent-Child Annual Tournament.

Saturday "field day" Morning Lessons & Drill Each Week 

PG&CC Junior members will get a strong understanding of skills development to improve their game.

Socialization & community with playing with kids their age and a better feeling of belonging!

Etiquette & manners by playing in a private club atmosphere

And most importantly.....Fun!

Click "HERE" for the Junior application form.

              The office will respond to you once the application is received.