Junior Golf Memberships

Members and guests of Peterborough Golf and Country Club have an opportunity to participate in the 2023 Junior & Divot Summer Camps.

Our programs are designed to grow the game by introducing and retaining young golfers in the sport. We accomplish this through a high-quality player development program that is motivating and measurable.

Lead by PGA Professional  PG&CC Sports Director Kurtis Sweeting, and supported by an extensive list of teaching staff to provide your children with complete care.

Junior and Divot Golf Members of any ability have many opportunities to develop their skills as both recreational and competitive golfers will have the opportunity for organized instruction and competition. 

"Junior & Divots Summer Day Camps"


2023 Junior & Divot Memberships
Juniors aged 12 - 18....$460 + hst
Divots aged 8 - 11....    $325 + hst

The 2023 membership is now open!

You can now sign up for a 2023 membership online. by  simply  using the online form just below,

Be sure to fill it out properly and then hit the send button! You will receive a notice that is been received. You will then receive confirmation from the membership office a few days later of your acceptance and all your new membership info! Congratulations!

The online form to register can be found here by clicking the link below

2023 Junior & Divot Application | Registration

Divot Members – Privileges
The Divot Membership includes children 8 – 11 years of age as of January 1st.

Divots must be supervised by an adult at all times when on the premises

Junior Member – Privileges

Junior Members must be 12-18 years of age as of January 1st

Junior members will be allowed to book up to 3 days in advance of their requested tee time.

Qualified Junior Members - Course Playing Privileges

Qualified juniors are those players carrying a handicap factor of 19.9 or less and have been approved by the Professional Staff

 Junior Members - Course Playing Privileges

Unqualified juniors are those players carrying a handicap factor of 20.0 or higher

  1. A Qualified Junior Member wishing to play the course WITH or WITHOUT an Adult may do so without time restriction on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays after 1:00 pm.  And may play Wednesdays after 6 pm and Weekends after 11 am.

Junior Members - Rules and Regulations