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Golf Memberships

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We are proud to be the only 'Private' Golf and Country Club in Peterborough with over 113 years of experience and tradition behind us. We offer a wide variety of Memberships to suit all ages, lifestyles and interests which include the following:

Golf Categories available:

  • Unlimited Golf
  • Unlimited Golf Couple
  • 60 Point Individual
  • 60 Point Couple
  • 30 Point Individual
  • 30 Point Couple
    (Combinations of the categories above are also available)
  • Intermediate 'A'
  • Intermediate 'B'
  • Corporate
  • Student
  • Junior
  • Divot


Please contact General Manager, Dan Campbell, for further information on
Membership Opportunities 

Tel: 705-743-5010 Ext. 12